Paris Mysore Club
at Rasa Yoga Rive Gauche

21 Rue Saint-Jacques, 75005 Paris, France



Classes are at Rasa Yoga:
Mon-Fri 7-9:15 AM
Please arrive between 7-8AM

Sean Toland

KPJAYI & SYC Authorized Teacher

Sean will be teaching from January 2023 - March 2023. You can find more information directly at his website or on instagram

The payment methods have been updated in the pricing page

Lucien Sanchez Zuber

KPJAYI & SYC Authorized Level 2

Lucien grew up in a family of artists and musicians around the world, he was deeply immersed in classical music and had the opportunity to learn a few languages early on. In his teens, an uncle who had travelled in India introduced him to yoga and vipassana and among these newfound practices his interest in the metaphysical led him to research of shamanism and native practices of his father's motherland, Mexico.

When he discovered ashtanga yoga he was hooked and it became his daily sadhana. Study of yoga and meditation led him to South East Asia where he spent most of his time in India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Bali. There, over the next few years he studied Thai massage with Pichest Boonthume, and asthanga yoga with various different teachers spending a particularly long time practicing and learning from Iain Gryzak in Bali, Eileen Hall in Sydney and Sharath Jois in Mysore both of the later whom he had the opportunity to study with and assist over the past years.

It is with great joy and pleasure that Lucien now looks to transmit any knowledge this life path has given him in the most honest and authentic way possible giving students the space to find the wisdom in themselves to improve their lives as it has slowly done for him through dedication, experience and practice. With this intention Lucien has spent the last years traveling and teaching in different places across the world such as Mexico, USA, Sri Lanka, Thailand, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Australia amongst others finally coming to settle in Paris for further university studies at Ecole 42 in 2019.

Mysore is perfectly suitable for beginners in Yoga and Astanga, you will learn at your own pace. There is no requirement to know the sequence of postures beforehand, I will teach it to you with the proper movements when you come to the shala.

More details about Mysore practice and Ashtanga Yoga.

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Moondays for the year 2022.

  • February:
    Tuesday 1st, Wednesday 16th.
  • March:
    Wednesday 2nd, Friday 18th.
  • April:
    Saturday 2nd, Saturday 16th, Saturday 30th.
  • May:
    Tuesday 17th, Monday 30th.
  • June:
    Tuesday 14th, Wednesday 29th.
  • July:
    Wednesday 13th, Thursday 28th.
  • August:
    Friday 12th, Satuday 27th.
  • Sept:
    Saturday 10th, Monday 26th.
  • October:
    Monday 10th, Wednesday 26th
  • November:
    Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 23rd.
  • December:
    Thursday 8th, Friday 23rd.